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My Private Secret Thoughts

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December 9th, 2017

12:49 pm - dreamed

I went to a music festival like SxSW but was kind of late, got there in time for some afterparties. Went to a record store where all the merchandise including the posters was truly shelf-worn and the proprietor implied that made it more valuable. I caught a ride home, but to save time for the next year, I dug a hole in some loose paving rubble and buried my guitar (in its hard case) at the corner of 12th and 2nd Streets so I could find it later.

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December 1st, 2017

12:10 pm - dreamed

I was with a group of British people who were like sports fans, they were a team of some kind with rugby shirts and patches. but the main activity were were involved in was waiting patiently to climb down a ladder from one floor to the lower one. To do well at this sport was to wait the most patiently. I was very patient. Finally, the most colorful (maybe read loutish) of our group announced he was ready to go. He leaped head first, skipping the ladder, and was killed on landing, with his neck clearly broken. Another member of our team climbed down quickly, and, laughing, demonstrated that our loyal teammate's skull was multiply fractured.

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November 25th, 2017

10:42 am - dreamed

I was traveling with two motorcyclists. One was a hispanic big guy whose t-shirt said "Cleveland 1981". The other was a taciturn white guy. The hispanic guy kept saying he was tired of cooking and wanted to go fight for his people. As a concession to him, the taciturn guy removed the seat from his chopper and cooked a turkey right on the engine. He cooked it until smoking guts were hanging all over the machine. 

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November 24th, 2017

10:37 am - dreamed

My car was running poorly and I pulled out into a city street and stalled and caused an accident between an 18-wheeler and a fire truck. The driver of the 18-wheeler was ejected from the vehicle but she was in a safety cage, so she was fine. I noticed she was attractive so I went back to apologize and say hi. She asked me out on a date and said I would enjoy getting involved in her and her friends' complicated love lives. 

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November 21st, 2017

08:46 am - dreamed

I needed to fill up my cousins' above-ground pool and start the heater. It was a huge pool, about thirty feet high. I kept finding incorrect places to attach the hose. Then this surfer dude who was complaining about disunity in the metal scene said "I don't know if you can use these, but..." and handed me the instructions. The instructions were in a fancy sturdy booklet called "How To Have A Great Spring Break". The first article told you what to do if you fell in love. The instructions were not helpful.

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November 20th, 2017

03:51 am - dreamed

The Hitchcock movie "Rear Window" was called "Door Knob".

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November 8th, 2017

07:24 am - dreamed

I was trying to stay out of the rain to finish a call with an old client who was telling me, basically, that print is dead. When the rain stopped, I climbed on a big rusty utility box and disturbed a young Asian man. It turned out he was crazy, and if you disturbed him, he became your tormentor. He chased me everywhere with a razor blade in his hand yelling "Yaaah! Yaaaah!" Just chasing, not slicing, though he would hold the blade to your neck. Someone showed me that if you grabbed his wrist you could put him on the ground--he didn't want to hurt you, he just liked the attention. It was still time-consuming.

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September 13th, 2017

06:11 am - dreamed

I had dreadlocks, but I cut them all off and tried to flush them down the toilet, and they didn't go. I kept leaving and returning, trying again and hoping without hope for better results.

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April 1st, 2017

12:15 pm - dreamed
I dreamed Trey had memorized a book he thought was funny and he kept reciting bits of it, long bits, to me. He also told me Donald Fagen from Steely Dan was a hilarious comedian, the equal of Groucho and in fact a professor of humor, but his comedy was just talking in a silly German voice, like Arte Johnson. Also I went to the shooting range with a very awkward right handed gun. I finally got it to go off in the firing range's office. It popped a hole in the wall and somebody on the other side started yelling. I went outside and begged anyone to take the gun.

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February 17th, 2016

03:30 am - dreamed
I was in Brooklyn, really disappointed about what I'd done with my life. My brother was removing all the labels from his cassettes in a big cataloguing binge, but he was also making lots of money studying gambling, and the government was even giving him sample $2 bills that were misprinted at the mint with "0" on the back (each one had a grease-pencil red circled X), but it was cool they trusted him. My sister was there, taking time off from taking care of my grandfather, and she was very excited about a new show where the actress who played Rudy on Cosby was in the military. I felt bad about my failures (I wasn't doing anything and my mom remarked that "he never grew up"), so I went a movie called "Correction", but I took a gun in a nylon holster and it was hard as hell to hide. I spent a lot of time readjusting it in my clothes and actually missed the end of the movie. Also, the events in Correction were happening in the real world: government crackdowns and checkpoints. Getting on the subway was a nightmare in itself.

Exhausted, and now on a bike and wearing shorts, I stopped in a cute but empty Brooklyn cafe to put on socks. They were very polite as they explained that they were closed and brought me water and a menu. Then they neatly wrapped my feet in snug paper napkins.

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