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March 18th, 2019

08:58 pm - dreamed

I saw a trailer for a film called "Knuttin' Bowl". It was like "Girls Trip" but it was based on the "fact" that both air travel and American football are declining in popularity. Three sexy African-American women decide to take advantage of discount prices on football and plane tickets to throw themselves an incredible party involving jet flights and ball games. The preview was them showing off their incredible, unrealistic couture outfits in an airport lobby. I was confused about whether it was a porno or not.

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December 9th, 2018

08:36 am - dreamed

My co-worker and supervisor was having a hard time understanding the instructions for a model spaceship he was building for a movie we were working on. He wouldn't let me help him, and we both got fired, and I had to go back to school: animation school. 

I was the oldest new student. No one liked me and they made it hard for me to get a seat at the table. Our teacher, Walter Reed, made each of the hundred students give him a sample drawing. He had these made into a deck of cards with his name on it that he could show to the animation studios to demonstrate what a wide range of drawing styles he was capable of.

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November 15th, 2018

05:53 am - dreamed

I picked up a piece of plywood and the wind lifted me off the ground. I glided along, high above a riverbank, and touched down near a busy urban office plaza. I tip-toed over a shaky grating, read a historical marker, and rode to the top of a dual escalator. At the top was my father's office, or more accurately a pair of desks blocking the egress, one for my father and one for his officemates. 

The younger of the two officemates was a business firebrand, holding forth on issues of finance as if he were a Nobel-winning economist and not a guy younger than me in a loud herringbone tweed blazer. The other officemate looked more like a salesman, with a moustache and a big grin. He said he was pleased to meet me and he'd heard all about me.

My father said he was glad to see me too and if I would come back a little later he'd tell me "what's wrong with your gonards." I was taken aback but he continued, to the group, "I don't know if I ever told you, but I have (some two-word medical term) anxiety, and they found gray velvety patches on my balls, and that's the symptom." 

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August 4th, 2018

10:08 am - dreamed

A woman scolded me because my fingernails were too long and dirty. She insisted I cut them. She showed me frame grabs from the original Star Trek, close-ups on the hands of the characters. She said, "See, that's how they made the show look realistic. They put dirt under their fingernails."

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May 16th, 2018

01:25 pm - dreamed

I went to London England to visit my sister. She said I needed to meet her friend, the motorcycle enthusiast. We took a walk though a busy shopping area with narrow streets. A chef at a busy restaurant tossed a boiled potato at me, and I caught it.

The motorcycle enthusiast was in possession of a vintage Melnor 1, a famous motorcycle. It had no wheels and was on a wooden stand. It looked to me like a big red pinball machine but he said we could ride it. To ride it you had to get on a frame underneath it. I tried to get on it longways, parallel to the wheels, but he said, no you ride it sideways.

We rode around for a bit but I got off to go look at some galleries. Again, I popped my head into a restaurant, and the chef at this place also threw a hot potato at me, and again I caught it. I had the thought that this was a good omen. That things were looking up for me.

I wandered some more. Though the area was busy, most of the shops were untenanted. A funny thing I noticed was that in London, when businessmen and women look at vacant properties, they go in a business suit and tie (with hats for the men) and they would drape a translucent white sheet over themselves, from head to toe like Halloween ghosts, to keep the dust off.

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February 10th, 2018

06:19 am - dreamed

Another football dream. I was one of the all-stars in the Taco Bell All-Star game; unfortunately all of the all-stars on both teams (there were about eight) wore the same white uniform with no numbers, just a big Taco Bell logo. I was at a pre-game party and a seated woman, about sixty years of age, asked me in Spanish, "Do you enjoy the soundtracks of the films of Hitchcock?" I used my best Spanish to ask if there were a certain film she was referring to and she said "Aventad".

I wasn't sure which title this referred to but I found a white paperback on our hostess' bookshelf that was an overview of Hitchcock's films. I was holding it in my teeth as I climbed down the long ladder from the party to the football field, when the hostess asked, "Where are you going with that book?" I told her exactly where and why and she said "here, let me help you" and climbed back up the ladder, taking the book with her.

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February 8th, 2018

08:46 am - dreamed

I was selected as the new kicker for the New Orleans Saints, but I didn't have any cleats. I went to the team facility to get some, but only one person was there, a nice woman who kept saying we'd have some cleats soon. She then asked me to look at some delivery menus, and I realized this kicker position might be more like an internship. But then I kicked a ball about a hundred yards.

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December 22nd, 2017

09:37 pm - dreamed

I was in Baton Rouge, working as a tour manager for one of my website clients. I was managing a band he had connections with. Don't know who. I was sitting in the backseat of the van, making calls. Then a girl jumped in and slammed the door. She was arguing with her fratboy boyfriend through the windows, miming her words so I couldn't hear. I told her to leave and she did, but another frat boy jumped in and grinned in my face until I asked him what he wanted.

"I want to drink your murder oil!" he said.

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December 9th, 2017

12:49 pm - dreamed

I went to a music festival like SxSW but was kind of late, got there in time for some afterparties. Went to a record store where all the merchandise including the posters was truly shelf-worn and the proprietor implied that made it more valuable. I caught a ride home, but to save time for the next year, I dug a hole in some loose paving rubble and buried my guitar (in its hard case) at the corner of 12th and 2nd Streets so I could find it later.

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December 1st, 2017

12:10 pm - dreamed

I was with a group of British people who were like sports fans, they were a team of some kind with rugby shirts and patches. but the main activity were were involved in was waiting patiently to climb down a ladder from one floor to the lower one. To do well at this sport was to wait the most patiently. I was very patient. Finally, the most colorful (maybe read loutish) of our group announced he was ready to go. He leaped head first, skipping the ladder, and was killed on landing, with his neck clearly broken. Another member of our team climbed down quickly, and, laughing, demonstrated that our loyal teammate's skull was multiply fractured.

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